Christian Thurston

Instructor Christian Thurston

After seeing his first Kung Fu movie at an early age, Christian developed a keen interest in martial arts.

Over the years he has trained in, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Judo and Kung-Fu.

He has always been interested in keeping fit and healthy and being able to protect the ones he loves.

In 2001 Sifu Jon Abdey introduced him to PWC, he very quickly realized that this was what he had been looking for, and was something that he could continue into later life. PWC is very simple and effective.

In 2009 Christian joined Sifu Jon on a trip to H.K. where he was able to train directly with Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung. This experience reinforced for Christioan that age is not a factor and that technique can overcome power.

Christian has been teaching since 2010, and personally trains 15-20 hours/week to test the system and his abilities.


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