James Marsh

Instructor James Marsh

James began studying Wing Chun in 2007 in order to learn to defend himself and to rehabilitate from a major operation. He was keen to find a style that redirected an aggressor’s force back onto them, and soon discovered that Wing Chun fit that description. He started training under Sifu Andrew Sofos in north London at the SAS Martial Arts Academy and remained there for 3 years, sparking a desire to study Wing Chun seriously.

On a trip to see a friend in Hong Kong in 2010 he visited Sifu Wan Kam Leung’s school in Yau Ma Tei. After Sifu Wan showed him the basics of his style, James realised that the changes Sifu had made fitted in better with his understanding of the human body from his training in the Alexander Technique.

James then began training under Sifu Wan’s head instructor in the UK, Sifu Jon Abdey, and with him was able to improve his skill in this modified style even further. In 2012 he decided to move to Hong Kong for a year to study at Sifu Wan’s school and work towards completing the system with him.


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